Who we are

Shorobor is a for-profit social business organization. We want to bring positive changes in society through business endeavors. We set up and support businesses with ethics that create employment opportunities. 

Shorobor has a number of business wings, through which we are dedicated to give our customers good quality products. For  our service takers and clients we want to provide a unique and memorable customer experience.

Shorobor started from a trade and supply business and now serves individual customers to United Nation Organizations. Our wings include International Trade and Import, Retail, Marketing Agency, Real Estate, Supply & Manufacturing and so on. We hope you enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy offering them to you.


To spread goodness through social business.


Eradicate poverty from minds, hearts, and stomachs.

A journey within

Our Story

The sea is calm today. Last night it was not. There was a terrible tempest. The shoreline became white with starfish on the sand. A lame boy was limping—picking the live starfish and throwing them back into the sea. A wise sage saw the boy. There are millions of starfish on one beach. There are hundreds of such shorelines.

‘Dear son, you are wasting your time and energy’, said the Sage, ‘How many can you save? What difference will it make to this world?’

‘Dear sir, for you, it’s meaningless. But for this starfish—it is its life.’

The old man shrugged and left. Summer morning it is—the meadow, bright and green. On his way back, the Sage was thinking, ‘for me it’s nothing. For the starfish, it is its life. Life.’

After a while, a man and a boy were seen throwing live starfish into the sea. Shorobor is the boy. If there is at least one Star-Man engaged in changing people’s lives forever, Shorobor is that Star-man.